The Match Ticket Designs of RWC 2019 Are Unique and Fascinating

rwc 2019 tickets designs

If you ever went to a match with your friends or family, you might overlook the design of the ticket because they were “so-so”. But when we talk about RWC 2019 ticket designs, you can feel the different thing.

At a glance, you will see that there are Japanese art influences in the ticket designs. You are right!

The designs showcase the acculturation of the artform of Musha-e, or Warrior Art with the RWC 2019 themed motifs.

In fact, the designer team has just revealed the RWC 2019 ticket today during the launch event at Meiji Kinenkan in Central Tokyo.

There are three wonderful ticket designs that draw the attention from the rugby fans around the world. So far we are writing this post, there have been thousands of positive reactions towards the ticket designs.

it is a great idea indeed. The Warrior Art has been popular from time to time and people have never get tired to aspire this magnificent object. Not only the Japanese people, but also the art lovers and fans of Japanese culture around the world are astonished with the ticket designs.

The designs would bring us back to hundred years ago when Japanese warriors preserve their honor in the battlefield. Whether you are fond of historical battle scenes, or folkloric situation, or perhaps struggling towards the demons and mystical beings, the fantastic designs can make your jaw drop.

But there is a relevant meaning behind this. the warriors in this timeline are the rugby players on the field during the Rugby World Cup (battlefield). not only Japanese rugby team, but it also appoints to the other teams who compete for the honour of lifting the Webb Ellis Cup. The team who claim the title of world champions are the ones who win in the battlefield.

It is not as intimidating as it sounds. Rather, it will be fun.

If you are a big fan of RWC, you will need to be patient because the tickets delivery will commence from late July. The date of the issues is still TBA. But we can see the hype around the rugby fans community. Many of them anticipate to get their tickets at their front door.

These tickets are the symbolic for Japanese people and the appreciation of Japan hosts to international fans. The tickets also represent how pivotal rugby experiences in Japan.

Not to mention that the tickets are too great to be thrown away. These will be such perfect memento to all fans of RWC. You will be able to store it at home and retain your incredible memories in this prestigious moment.

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